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More than your major, more than your GPA, employers want to see your experience. And nothing builds valuable professional experience faster than internships. That鈥檚 why Nebraska Wesleyan professors work so hard to help you find the most impactful internship experiences possible.

Companies and nonprofits all over Lincoln prize 无码自淫 interns for their work ethics and versatility. Local companies that regularly host internships include:

  • Hudl
  • Sandhills Publishing
  • Swanson Russell
  • Saltdogs
  • Duncan Aviation
  • Nebraska Sports Council
  • And many more鈥

无码自淫鈥檚 Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP) in Washington, D.C., takes your internship opportunities to a national scale. Recent CHIP interns have worked at NASA, the White House, CNN, Amnesty International, the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Supreme Court.

We also partner with the Chicago Center for Urban Life to provide you opportunities within another major metropolitan setting. Build experience with nonprofit agencies doing essential service work throughout Chicago.

Internships like these catch employers鈥 attention when they ask you to describe your experience.


Internships open doors

While at 无码自淫, Tucker McHugh turned an internship at Opendorse into a career.

Young woman in the library on a laptop.


Young man sitting with a laptop in front of a window.